Thomson Rossi

Rosewater Football Club Preseason Training Singlet Sponsor 2012

  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Facility Planners

99 Carrington Street

Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: (08) 7324 9999


Professional service has always been the central ideal for our office, ever since Thomson Rossi was established in 1991. Our expertise has since been refined and applied to a wide range of commissions and client bodies and we apply a consistent level of attention regardless of distance, to date successfully managing projects across Australia. Design excellence in our mind is created by a process of intensive collaboration with a client and the application of a diverse range of specialised skills. On our part, these skills include fully exploring the client’s functional parameters to ensure each solution performs its intended role.

Regardless of the size of each project, our expertise, care and attention to detail is readily applied within an atmosphere of teamwork which is client focussed. Cost and time management are of critical concern to our project performance capabilities, and we employ various reporting measures to monitor financial control and adherence to key time milestones. Where necessary, specialist consultants are introduced to the team to provide focused expertise on technical building matters.

All these activities lead to our goal of design excellence.

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